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Travel Photography – Angthong, Thailand

I love beach life and there is nothing better than arriving at a beach like this and chilling out for a few hours. Crystal clear seas, white squeaky sand and lovely blue skies. This travel…

Enzo Ferrari – the dreamer, the visionary

Ferrari’s are cars that I love. They seem to have some sort of aura attached to them. I think they make beautiful cars with impressive styling and incredible sounding engines. Sometimes I imagine myself driving through…

New website!

So as you can probably see I’ve been working hard to create my own site for my blog. I’ve had good fun learning some css and seo stuff and hopefully this new blog will carry…

Mosaic Canyon Death Valley

Mosaic Canyon is beautiful but urgh I am sweating profusely, my sunglasses are slipping from my face, my shirt is sticking to my back and the salty sting of sweat in my eyes is becoming…

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Making Tracks – 1 month in

I’ve now been on this new round the world trip with my wife for just over a month so thought I’d share the highlights , lowlights and what else I’ve…

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