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Mallorca Rocks Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks is Ibiza’s  little brother and its growing up really fast!  2012 has been an epic year for both Ibiza and Mallorca rocks. The concept has changed both the music scene in Ibiza and…

Travel can change the world

For a brief moment I pause……my finger hovering over the shutter button of my camera. I stop, close my eyes allowing the scene of beauty before me to become ingrained in my mind. The dense…

On A Mission!

Ok so heres my first post and ive set myself a pretty big challenge! I’ve always wanted to be involved in travel journalism in some way or another, whether its writing a guide, a newpaper…

Travel Photography – Arne and Shipstal Point, Dorset

My most recent travel photography post coincides with the #frifotos theme on twitter. Each Friday a particular topic is announced and the twitter community share pictures that relate to that topic. Well this week is…

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