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New website!

So as you can probably see I’ve been working hard to create my own site for my blog. I’ve had good fun learning some css and seo stuff and hopefully this new blog will carry…

Travel Photography – Angthong, Thailand

I love beach life and there is nothing better than arriving at a beach like this and chilling out for a few hours. Crystal clear seas, white squeaky sand and lovely blue skies. This travel…

Backpacker communication before mobilephones

This is what backpacker communication used to be like…….. I opened a really old book today and a small piece of paper fell out. It was dated the 30th March 2002 so I thought it…

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vogel ski area

Skiing In Slovenia

Situated right in the heart of Europe, bordered by Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria, Slovenia is often overlooked as a destination for skiing. But those who do decide to take their ski holiday…

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