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Travel can change the world

For a brief moment I pause……my finger hovering over the shutter button of my camera. I stop, close my eyes allowing the scene of beauty before me to become ingrained in my mind. The dense…

The story of Roger and his alter ego

Hong Kong is my favourite city by a huge margin. In fact Hong Kong isn’t even a city 90% of it is rural countryside and outer lying islands, doubt you knew that!? What makes Hong…

Fun in Mallorca

When I started travel blogging I used to get caught up thinking about the story or blog post. I’d look for cultural experiences and try to see as many things as I could so that I…

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vogel ski area

Skiing In Slovenia

Situated right in the heart of Europe, bordered by Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria, Slovenia is often overlooked as a destination for skiing. But those who do decide to take their ski holiday…

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