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Inamo – Wardour St London

Ok so my latest little journey took me to London to visit my sister. We went out for lunch and I had to write about this cool restaurant in Soho. Inamo – it does Asian…

Mosaic Canyon Death Valley

Mosaic Canyon is beautiful but urgh I am sweating profusely, my sunglasses are slipping from my face, my shirt is sticking to my back and the salty sting of sweat in my eyes is becoming…

Choose Life Choose travel

Choose Live Choose Travel. What am I talking about? have you ever seen the film Trainspotting with Ewan Mcgregor? The opening scene begins with a poem by John Hodge about all the mundane things you…

Island Hopping in Greece

I have visited Greece a lot. It’s one of my favourite countries in Europe and I love nothing better than island hopping in Greece. There are many great holiday deals in Greece and plenty of…

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An Interview with the Nomad Barber

An Interview with the Nomad Barber – We all know the world is full of travel bloggers and it’s often hard to differentiate yourself from others so when I see…

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