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The 5 Best Nightclubs In Vegas

There are some out there who believe that a trip to Las Vegas has lost some of its appeal due to the general spread of gambling and casino activities to other places and modes. And…

The reinvention of Magaluf

There is a whiff of money in the air in the famous resort of Magaluf and I’m not talking about Paco Rabanne 1 Million that seems to be worn by every single male in every…

Customer service throughout the travel industry

Customer service is a pretty conscientious topic to cover. I have been considering writing this post on the travel blog for a while and thinking of the best ways to tackle it. I don’t really…

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wherever i am, i am what is missing

As those who know me will testify I am a huge fan of music, literally any music, I will listen to anything.   So this little story is about an…

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