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Backpacker communication before mobilephones

This is what backpacker communication used to be like…….. I opened a really old book today and a small piece of paper fell out. It was dated the 30th March 2002 so I thought it…

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks is Ibiza’s  little brother and its growing up really fast!  2012 has been an epic year for both Ibiza and Mallorca rocks. The concept has changed both the music scene in Ibiza and…

wherever i am, i am what is missing

As those who know me will testify I am a huge fan of music, literally any music, I will listen to anything.   So this little story is about an album I bought a couple…

Greek Island Hopping……….

So it’s only a few weeks and I’m off to Greece again. After going a few times as a child I never really bothered holidaying much in Europe I always wanted to go further afield.…

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Art and Architecture in Glasgow

Lovers of art and architecture will find Glasgow rich in wonderful examples of both. The perfect destination for a short culture break, the city is a great place to head…

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