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Hong Kong – why it’s my favourite city

If you’ve read any of my recent blogger interviews or follow me on twitter you might have noticed how I regularly laud Hong Kong as my favourite city on the planet. Well I thought it…
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Returning to Singapore as an Adult

Here is Charlotte’s (@charlmc8386)  excellent second post about her trip to Singapore! If you missed the first post about her memories from Singapore as a child then please click the link below to read it before checking…

Australian road trip – 2 months in

A bit late posting but here is what I got up to during month 2 of this new round the world trip. As I mentioned in last months review I thought I would become much…

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Things I Loved About Australia

After spending a couple of months travelling through the country I wanted to share some of the things I loved about Australia. However rather than just the places and sights these…

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