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Praia Dona Ana

Travel photography – Praia Dona Ana, Portugal

As I have just recently got back from Portugal I thought this travel photography post should be of the beautiful, but busy Praia Dona Ana beach in Lagos. I climbed up onto a rock in the middle…

Rock En Seine – an alternative to Glastonbury

If you missed out on Glastonbury resale tickets chances are you might be considering attending a different summer festival. For the best of pretty much everything my vote goes to Rock En Seine in Paris.…

Travel photography – Church of our Lady Bruges

This travel photography post was taken with my iPhone 4S during a recent trip to Bruges. I have been quite impressed with how well the iPhone takes pictures even in conditions that arent too great. This picture…

Paris – The Latin Quarter

Paris – the mere mention of that simple word invokes thoughts, feelings, memories and expectations even for those who have never visited. The acclaimed capital of love and city of light was deemed so beautiful…

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journeytom’s ABC of travel

So I’m really behind on the ABC’s of travel that have been doing the rounds for people with travel blogs or travel photography blogs. The whole idea is that you…

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