My Top 5: iPhone travel apps

Oh how I love my iPhone travel apps! 

Whilst I have often said too much technology can ruin the travel experience I have to admit the iPhone has revolutionised it. The iPhone and my camera are the only bits of tech I take away these days. Mind you my camera sometimes becomes a little redundant now and then especially as the new iPhone shoots HDR and HD video. The best thing though is the amount of music I can carry. Album after album its amazing! We all have music memories from travelling so it is great to be able to carry so much.  How did I live before mp3 players?

So onto my favourite iPhone travel apps. Everyone is going to have their own but these are my Top 5 iPhone travel apps in no particular order.


tripadvisor iphone travel appTripadvisor

Whilst, like many, I don’t trust all the reviews, Tripadvisor is one of those essential iPhone travel apps. I can look into hotels for my next destination, find restaurants for dinner ideas and check out the must see attractions or tours for the location I am in.

The app also plots everything on a map and gives me addresses and telephone numbers of all its listings.

It’s a great research tool but I don’t rely on it too heavily as I like to get out and explore and find restaurants on my own too!


airport mania iphone travel appsAirport Mania 1&2

The ultimate iPhone travel game. You control smiley faced cartoon aeroplanes as they land at your airport. You have to make sure they arrive and leave the gates on time and refuel and maintain the aircraft. The game is so simple yet so addictive. I’ve spent many hours sat in an airport or on a plane running my own little airport and controlling my own little smiley planes.

The best game ever and one of the best iPhone travel apps. It’s a must.


Google Translate

I love to be able to speak as many phrases as possible when I’m in a different country. This iPhone travel app is great as it will translate the word or saying for you, show you the native spelling and will pronounce it back to you so you know how to say it. Nowadays I never take a phrasebook with me I just use this app.

It’s great to converse with people in their native tongue and this app helps me break down barriers and make new friends which makes one of the most invaluable iPhone travel apps.



For me twitter is everything rolled into one. I can keep in touch with my friends and let all my followers know what I am up to whilst I am away. I can tweet out new blog posts, ask for tips on a location or share pictures. Twitter is also much more than that though it keeps me up to date on the goings on in the country I am in, it lets me know of events and gatherings happening that I maybe able to attend whilst travelling and keeps me informed on current affairs and news.

I can get so much through the twitter app! It’s my favourite social network and very useful whilst travelling.



The fact that I don’t like to carry a laptop makes this app amazing. I can create new posts and post pictures to the travel blog as well as look at my current stats. Whilst I wouldn’t want to write a huge post on the app I could if I really needed to. To be able to access my travel blog without needing a laptop lets me travel so much lighter and I feel free from carrying heavy bulky items. One of the best iPhone travel apps for wordpress bloggers.


So like I say you can really get by with just an iPhone when you travel. It can do everything for you from photos and music to translation and updating your blog. All hail Apple and Steve Jobs for creating the wonder gadget :-)

 What are your top 5 favourite iPhone travel apps?


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      It is nice to have a break – I sometimes don’t bother taking my iPhone and just the iPod but realistically my iPhone is my all in one device! I don’t need anything else 😀

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