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virgin atlantic upper class

Virgin Upper Class : The journey from budget to luxury

So after 31 years I finally did it. I flew Virgin Upper Class. Was it what I expected and how did I complete the journey from budget traveller to luxury traveller read more to … [Read More...]

haze las vegas nightclub

The 5 Best Nightclubs In Vegas

There are some out there who believe that a trip to Las Vegas has lost some of its appeal due to the general spread of gambling and casino activities to other places and modes. And … [Read More...]


Travel can change the world

For a brief moment I finger hovering over the shutter button of my camera. I stop, close my eyes allowing the scene of beauty before me to become ingrained in my … [Read More...]


Rock En Seine – an alternative to Glastonbury

If you missed out on Glastonbury resale tickets chances are you might be considering attending a different summer festival. For the best of pretty much everything my vote goes to … [Read More...]


New York Attractions: Sightseeing in New York

So I finally visited New York for the first time! It is a city I had always wanted to go to. I had just 4 nights in the city so thought I should see as much as … [Read More...]

Singapore at night

Trip Planning for this year – 2014

It's that time of year again when I do most of my trip planning. I often find winter difficult and this one has been tougher than usual with all the wind and rain, so in my mind … [Read More...]